Pirates of the Internet

Maximum 12 players per session

50 Minutes duration


The internet is like sailing the high seas, with pirates in constant pursuit of you, to steal your gold. Pirates, like cyber criminals, are constantly chasing you, to steal your money, identity or company secrets.

The objective of this room is to hunt for treasure by solving cyber puzzles around the room, amass your wealth, (greater wealth is amassed by getting higher scores on the puzzles), and avoid being caught, by the pirates or criminals.

This challenge is to outsmart these criminals, or pirates, and amass as much gold as possible, and don’t get caught.

Gold is attributed to you by the scores that you achieve whilst completing the puzzles. You will find within this room, many challenges and puzzles to solve. In order to move onto the next treasure, you must solve each puzzle in turn, grow your fortune without being caught. You have only 30 minutes to amass as much fortune as possible. The team with the greatest fortune will win the game. You can now start your treasure hunt, but beware, the pirates are always trying to capture you.