In each experience, you will be provided cyber security challenges to solve.

In one, you will be locked inside a room for a designated amount of time while you and your team try to figure out how to escape. The rooms contain clues, puzzles and hidden items.

In another, you are challenged to solve cyber problems quickly, accurately whilst be distracted.

In another one, you are set into team to try and beat the other team in answering cyber questions.

No, these challenges are time based and punctual attendance is required.

That’s fine.

Please notify the program coordinator  as soon as possible.

We like to keep it to small groups so up to 12 is ideal.
Yes, contact your coordinator to arrange a time.
Your local IT partner can provide you with exact pricing.
No, it is a variety of team building games designed to enhance cyber security knowledge.
The game takes 30 minutes with an additional 20 minutes after that to discuss the lessons learnt.
No, but it is designed for adults.

10 minutes in advance is fine.

Nothing, everything is provided.

No, its fun and entertaining.

You will also leave with some great insights and knowledge.

Our Rooms

Can You Hack It?
Cyber Feud
Pirates of the Internet
Escape From the Catacombs
Working Remotely in Space
Insider Threat Analysis (Coming Soon)