Can You Hack It?

Maximum 12 players per session

50 Minutes duration


The Story So Far

You and your team have managed to break into a highly secure facility in search of some very sensitive intellectual property pertaining to human behaviour monitoring.

As you enter the room which you believe contains the data that you are searching for, the door closes behind you, locks and the alarms sound. The police have been alerted and will arrive in 30 minutes.

The Challenge

Escape the room before the police arrive. To escape the room, you need to solve many cyber challenges, get the correct answers, and find the security code to unlock the door. These challenges are focused on 5 distinct areas:

  • Passwords
  • Phishing
  • Email
  • Physical Security
  • Social Media

Hints and answers are available but they come at a cost, time. The team that completes the escape in the shortest aggregated time, wins.

These rooms are run within 1 hour slots:

  • 30 minutes to complete the challenge.
  • 20 minutes revision and discussion about the challenge and best practices.

Groups are set up in hour blocks during the day at different times. They are competing against each other group to escape within the shortest aggregated time.

The winning group wins prizes for each team member.