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Cyber Escape Room adventures

Improve knowledge retention, encourage active participation, build collaboration and team building, and finally, enhance cyber security knowledge and ultimately, change behavior. By participating in these games, your staff will not only enhance their knowledge, but they will have fun doing it as well.

We have many different types of games available, not just Escape Rooms, including Game Shows, Treasure Hunts, and more.

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Our Rooms

Can You Hack It?
Pirates of the Internet
Escape From the Catacombs
Working Remotely in Space
Cyber Feud (Coming Soon)
Insider Threat Analysis (Coming Soon)

Learning Objectives

Each session is designed to present at least 5 different security topics to the participants
Passwords Hygiene
Phishing Awareness
Social Media Rules
Physical Security
Securing Sensitive Data
Remote Working
USB Device Security
Social Engineering