How do we do it? (Physically and Virtually)

All of the Cyber Escape Room games either come to your office or are facilitated virtual games,  run by our experienced team.

This not only allows you to reduce the impact on your staff work schedule, but it also enables the busy executive to experience the  adventure and create collaborative teams.

Like conventional escape rooms and games, this presents staff with puzzles, challenges teaching moments and team work to solve the clues to eventually solve the challenge.

Unlike conventional escape rooms, we bring the room to you, set it up and run it for you, or run it over a virtual session.

Staff are presented with various cyber security challenges to solve. They are expected to work in teams to solve the puzzles which allow them to move onto the next challenge.

Further clues and hints are offered, at a cost of time, to assist them in solving the challenges if they get stuck. The team with the best aggregated time wins prizes for the team participants.

After the session, staff are taken through their session to explain and reinforce the lessons learned. Each Session runs for 50 minutes, 30-minute escape room experience and 20-minutes reflection and learning.

Interested in bringing your team?
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